Our minimum is 24 pcs per graphic /per style/ per color.


Complete payment must be made prior to starting any production, that includes, mock ups, sizing approval, artwork re-creation, ordering apparel, etc.. We will not begin an order without full payment. *Note: Turnaround time starts after payment has been made.


All shirts sizes in an order will be printed with the same size graphic. The graphic is sized to your smallest size shirt. A different graphic size will be considered as a new order and minimum piece amount is required.


All techniques vary in washing endurance, please follow the care label instructions attached to the garment. Garments with any decoration applied please wash inside out. *Note: Please note that waterbase and discharge printing will fade in the first wash.


After payment has been made, there will be no changes to your order, if it includes changing sizes, style or color of apparel. Changes can made in the artwork, if the art approval has not yet been approved. Additional fees may apply to any changes made. A restocking fee will be charged if customer chooses to cancel the order after payment is made. Re-stocking fee varies depending on the order. It ranges from 25-35% .


Printed labels are an additional set-up, screen and print. If you would like printed labels let us know. We do not remove the existing label unless is a tear away and customer has indicated to remove tear away label. Unfortunately we do not sewn in labels. .


Indigo prints is not liable for manufacturer's defects, including but not limited to: sewing inconsistency, color variation between garments, manufacture label inconsistency, tears, loose thread etc. We do our best to provide you with the best quality styles, if we catch something that does not look right we will contact our vendor to come up with a solution. Indigo Prints is not responsible for styles that are out of stock. Your apparel order is placed after you place your order with us therefore we cannot guarantee their availability since stock fluctuates daily. .


Indigo Prints is not responsible for inconsistencies due to manufacture treatments to the garments, such as special washes and dyes. .


Due to the nature of discharge printing, discharge will not look exactly the same on every print. Some fabrics discharge differently than others. .

Note: We reserve the right to change or adjust our policies at any time without notice.