Ink Types and Techniques

Screen printing provides a variety of ink techniques that can be use in apparel. Such as water based, plastisol, metallics, foils, discharge, puff inks etc. Read below for more info.

Water Based Inks

Water based inks are one of the most environment-friendly inks in the mass screen printing market today. These inks adhere to the fabric instead of sitting on top of the surface like plastisol inks. Their hand feel becomes very soft after washing. They will not crack but they will fade after the first wash.

Plastisol Inks

Plastisol inks sit on top of the fabric, creating a thick surface. Plastisol is the most commom ink used in the industry because of its versatile use. Color vibrancy stays true even after the first wash. Plastisol inks will crack over time, depending on the thickness of the aplication.


Discharge ink is a water based ink with an additional agent added to the ink. When printed, it acts as a bleach removing the dye from the fabric.

Soft Hand Platisol

Soft hand plastisol, just like the name states is plastisol ink mixed with an additive that allows the plastisol to become softer when printed on fabric.


Foils or foil printing is a technique where an adhesive is printed instead of ink, following a foil application with heat.

Specialty Inks

Specialty inks include but not limited to, puff, glow in the dark, glitters, metallics and high density. These inks provide a bit more variety to the plain printing look. Ask us about our specialty inks.

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